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Quartz Qualities

Quartz is a hard, man-made, antimicrobial slab that needs no sealing, as its resins are the sealant, which provides it with the hardness and non-porosity needed for the heavy demands of cooking. Quartz comes in countless colors and patterns and is very popular for its universal appeal.

Engineered Slabs
Engineered Slabs
stone like designs created by man
Design Made Easy
Designing Made Easy
endless colors and pattern variations
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
no sealing necessary
Scratch Resistance
Scratch Proof

glass & knife blade proof

acid and stain resistance
acid and stain resistant

won’t etch from acidic substances

No Sun Exposure
No Sun Exposure

not suitable for outdoors, discoloration under UV rays

Disclaimer: These are general statements pertaining to the stone category. Each natural stone is unique, and therefore we recommend speaking with your sales representative and fabricator regarding your specific stones application details and maintenance.