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Here at Primestones we consider the process of selecting stone comparable to that of choosing artwork. Natural stone, such as a piece of art, elevates the beauty and elegance of any space. For us, stones are truly natural works of art that can range from the timeless look of white marble to the vibrant color waves of quartzite. When picking new slabs, we prioritize superior quality and beauty. Primestones is committed to traveling wherever it takes for the finest and most exquisite stones. Our vast and unparalleled inventory of natural stone slabs will accommodate any project you have in mind and complement your style and aesthetic. We invite you to discover and gaze our fascinating stone collection of marble, quartzite, granite, quartz, among others engineered and natural beauties.


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Why Primestones®

As one of the largest stone suppliers in South Florida, our diverse collection includes natural stones and engineered stones from all five continents. Our inventory includes a fabulous selection of granite, marble, quartzite, porcelain, quartz, dolomite and more! We make sure to include many different styles within our collection to satisfy a wide range of distinct preferences.
Our highly experienced sales team will assist you to select the perfect natural stone or engineered stone for your kitchen, bathroom, outdoors or any other project. We can help you decide the thickness, surface finish, color and discuss all other details to fit your design. We are committed to providing you with outstanding service to ensure that your remodeling turns out exactly the way you envision it.
Worldwide Shipping
We are happy to assist you with fast and reliable delivery to ensure that you receive your natural stone or engineered stone slabs of your choice safely and on time. We deliver anywhere within the continental US and the world.
Custom Order

For specific inquiries such as stones not currently in stock or large quantities we are more than happy to assist and are ready to work with our clients on any custom orders they might have.

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