The Mind of an Interior Designer: Jim Dove


April 11, 2024

(Q) Let’s start with your name, your company, and your room. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests
A: My name is Jim Dove of Jim Dove Design and I have a studio on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, we do design, installation, and fabrication, specializing in kitchen baths and bars. I’ve been designing in Palm Beach for 15 years, but I moved my studio here five years ago, and it’s been fantastic, it has been a great experience.

(Q) Tell us about your room and the inspiration behind the design.

A: In this room, I worked with the height and I worked with the volume in many different ways. The inspiration for this room was the Regency style of architecture, which really started in England but became popular in the United States, in California. The person I designed this for is Dorothy Draper, who was a very famous interior designer, popular in the 20s and 30s, 40s, and 50s and she grabbed the Regency style. In this room, I used a lot of the Regency style. You can see the shapes of the doors and the hardware that is all in the Regency style.

(Q) What does Kips Bay mean to you? What does it mean to be a designer for this showhouse?

A: I started my first Kips Bay in 2019 in New York City. I did a very small champagne bar, and it was very well received. Being involved in the Kips Bay organization has changed my design life. I’m in Palm Beach because of the Kips Bay organization. It exposed me to another level of design and clients such as through the press. The press nationally and locally is amazing and being involved in the Kips Bay organization, which represents quality and design and the top designers, are part of it. By being in Kips Bay you are perceived as being a top designer in the eyes of the public and that’s very important because design is perception, your perception of the world.

(Q) When designing this room, what was the most important factor for you?

A: When you do show houses, you don’t have a client, you’re your own client. I imagine that Dorothy Draper was my client and that we would be cooking together and spending time together in the kitchen. The most important part of this was expressing the exuberance that I feel for Palm Beach, and how happy I am to be part of the community of Palm Beach. I wanted the colors of Palm Beach to me; the ocean and the sky are blue and then there’s a lot of pink, which I love. Getting to the cabinetry and the colors of the cabinets are shell pink. New York State of Mind and a dark walnut and Primestones, the Crystal Rose Quartzite . I saw that, and it brought the room together. every color in the room is in this stone. It’s amazing. The quartzite is amazing.

(Q) What was it like working with Primestones? What drew you to the stone you selected?

A: PrimeStones is always a joy to work with. It’s where I do most of my shopping with my clients. Customer service is great and the quality of their product is like no other. I walked up and down every aisle, as we always do, and I saw this Crystal Rose Quartzite and there was no other option. It was an easy choice this time. I’m always greeted at the front door like I’m family and I really like working with Primestones because I feel like it’s family.

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