About Primestones®

Primestones® is a premier stone provider in South Florida being the resource for homeowners, designers, and professionals. With expert employees and a large and diverse selection of the finest collection of natural and engineered stones in three locations: Miami, Palm Beach and Broward. We strive to offer our customers the most comprehensive and enjoyable purchasing experience when selecting stones for their projects.
The stones for the slabs are sourced from all over the world, from Brazil to Indonesia, sometimes being processed in Europe and only then shipped to the USA.

Our inventory is continuously growing and being replenished daily to accommodate and cater to the ever changing trends of the industry and custom orders our clients may inquire about. Our state of the art cranes in all locations allow us to serve multiple clients in different areas of the warehouses making the process easy and accessible for you.

Live Inventory

We are constantly improving the way we serve our clients and always want to make sure that the stone selection process is enjoyable, easy and efficient. Our Live Inventory allows for you to view images of our large and unparalleled exquisite stone collection with an updated real-time system that accurately portrays the amount in stock of your desired stone at each location. The filter system helps you narrow down your choices by location, stone, color, finish, and thickness of the material.

Custom Order

For specific inquiries such as stones not currently in stock or large quantities we are more than happy to assist and are ready to work with our clients on any custom orders they might have.How it works:
  • Provide us with a picture or name of the material you are seeking
  • We will do the research and share our findings with you to make sure it is a match
  • Once we identify the right slabs we will receive your approval to move forward
  • As soon as the material is ready for transportation we can schedule shipping. It can take approximately 2 months to arrive from anywhere in the world.
We would love to welcome you to one of our locations to discover and gaze our fascinating stone collection.