The Mind of an Interior Designer: Lucy Doswell Interiors


April 12, 2023

(Q) Let’s start with your name, the company, and your room.

A: I am Lulu Farish. I work for Lucy Doswell Interiors as a designer and project manager. We created the study in the Kips Bay Show House this year.

(Q) What does Kips Bay mean to you? What does it mean to be a designer for this showhouse?

A: Kips Bay is a very prestigious event that we are honored to be a part of this year. It is a really great cause and an honor to be able to showcase our work and give back to the Boys and Girls Club.

(Q) Tell us about your room and the inspiration behind the design?

A: Our room is the study. We were inspired by the English layered look and to have our own traditional spin on it with a Floridian flair.

(Q) When designing this room, what was the most important factor for you?

A: The most important factor was to make it layered and feel really collected, make it feel like it’s been decorated over the years. Lucy started with wanting to really create a room around the Dahlia blocked fabric that we have on our slipper chair coupled with this antique table that was her grandmother’s and really create a layered sense of new and old. 

(Q) What kind of vibe and aesthetic were you aiming to achieve in the project?

A: We wanted to create a vibe for the room that made you feel like you could have a nice room to study or work in a cozy place to sit, as well as have guests over for cocktails and really make it feel like home.

(Q) What did the stone help you accomplish in your overall design? What drew you to the stone you selected?

A: The stone was a way for us to bring in a more contemporary element to the room coupled by our more wood and antique furniture that we have placed throughout. We selected a Calacatta Viola Marble. We have aubergine colors throughout the room, and it sort of brought that out and made our fabrics pop.

(Q) Why did you decide to create a furniture piece out of the stone?

A: We wanted a contemporary furniture piece to sort of make our own English feel, have our twist of being more contemporary with the fabric pieces as well as the stone table to really add some weight to one piece in the room rather than our open legged antique desk or our open legged coffee table to sort of pin down some weight in the corner of the room. This provided a way to have a more contemporary material in the room.

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