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Things to know before you visit: 

No appointment necessary! We have an expert team ready to assist as soon as you arrive. 

If you have samples of your cabinets, floorings, etc. we encourage you to bring them.

Your children’s safety is very important to us! They are more than welcome to stay with our team in the office however, due to the operating of cranes and other heavy equipment usage we do not permit anyone under the age of 12 in the warehouse area.

If you would like to view any stone slabs in our clearance or any specific slabs from our inventory when you plan to visit, please call in advance. This ensures that in the event that the slab you are interested in is in another part of the warehouse out of sight we are able to access it and have it ready to go for your viewing pleasure prior to your arrival!  

We love pets and they are more than welcome in our office. For safety reasons, we do not allow them in the warehouse area, with the exception of service animals specially trained to aid a disabled person defined under the American Disabilities Act.