The Mind of an Interior Designer: Nikki Levy


April 2, 2022

The opportunity to sponsor Kips Bay allowed us to not only stand behind an incredible cause, but also collaborate and work alongside incredibly talented individuals such as Nikki Levy of Nikki Levy Interiors based in Boca Raton, FL. Nikki was designated the Master bathroom as well as guest bathroom in the main house where she masterfully crafted exquisite and refreshingly inventive ways to enhance her spaces by adding her own flair to each aspect of the room, such as her use of wallpaper to cover the cabinets and exposed brass pipes as a decorative twist to name a few. In the master bathroom is where you will find our very own Calacatta Arabescato Vagli Marble for the countertop. 

Nikki gave us some insight into her vision and how it came together. 


(Q) What is Kips Bay to you? What does it mean to be a designer for this showhouse?
A: Coming from another country being immersed in design I quickly discovered that to be a part of Kips Bay was an amazing honor. I decided that it was something that I would strive towards, and it was something that was really important to me but when I was going to do it, it was going to have to be done well, so I gave myself time to develop as a designer before I even paddled into those waters. Once I felt that I was ready and that my business was ready and that I could commit to doing the best job that I could, I went for it.

(Q) Tell us about your room and the inspiration behind the design?
A: Our room was based on the feeling that luxury doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and you could walk into a space and every single detail is so well appointed and every single detail can stand on its own. Even though there is so much detail and there are so many layers to the space we never wanted anyone to feel claustrophobic or closed in, and it was important to us to give a nod to the vintage vibes of the house, the house was bought in 1929. Although we are more of a contemporary style design studio, we do love charm and we do love whimsy and in this particular space we wanted to still reflect that. We went with parquet wall coverings on the towers and then we focused on the materials, one of the materials being the countertop, everything felt rich and classic but somehow still had a modern edge.

(Q) What did the Primestones product help you to accomplish in your overall design? What drew you to the stone you selected?
A: One of the things that I am loving most about the ability to do this room with sort of design with abandon, design with no restrictions, was that we could choose a stone that has movement, personality, elegance, classic yet modern. My eye went straight to this piece, and I knew it was the most appropriate and perfect piece that would bring the whole room together. It had all the color, the movement, there was a sense of classic beauty to it. It could have been found in a 1920’s hotel but it’s right here for us to use but it still feels somehow very current.

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