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We do not fabricate. We are stone distributors and we provide full slabs of a large range of natural and engineered stone materials.

About Stone

Granite is one of the most abundant stones found and is often used on countertops due to its strength, endurance, and extensive colors. It is composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. > Learn More About Granite

It’s a type of material composed of about 93% quartz and 7% resin. It is not a natural stone. In our industry, it is considered to be Engineered Stone. Thanks to the advances of technology today, it is available in different colors and/or patterns. > Learn More About Quartz

Quartz and quartzite are materials with distinct compositions. Quartz is a man-made hard material composed of resins, binding agents and pigments which make it increasingly adequate for countertops. This material is preferably used for contemporary designs. Quartz surface or engineered stone is strong but vulnerable to direct sunlight incidence. Quartzite is 100% naturally formed from sandstone and quartz that are mixed together under high heat and pressure. It is naturally strong, stands heat and it does not stain easily. Its composition makes it much more durable and harder than quartz. > Learn More About Quartzite

Marble is a Natural Stone vastly preferable for its colors and patterns. Calacatta and Carrara marbles are timeless materials used both in classic and trending designs for kitchen countertops. Be sure to keep it clean. Marble normally has a more porous surface and for this reason can stain much more easily than other materials. > Learn More About Marble

Certainly. Although it is a softer and more porous material than granite or quartzite, it has often been used for kitchen counters. Marble finishes have become fashionable for kitchens because it is available in white colors. Be sure to preserve it. The application of a good impregnator sealer is required.

Dolomite is a sedimentary natural stone. Dolomite often matches the exquisite look of marble and is a popular stone for countertops. The somber pastel colors make it an elegant solution for a kitchen, bathroom, or an accent wall.  > Learn More About Dolomite

Backlighting stone is the placement of lights behind or underneath a natural stone that illuminates it. This is due to some stones having the property of transparency/translucency. Check out our blog here for more information about backlighting stone.

A waterfall is a countertop that runs horizontal, dropping vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flow all the way to the floor.

Bookmatching is a technique used by many design professionals to create beautiful patterns using two or more nearly identical stone slabs in a mirrored "open book" arrangement. Check out our blog here for more information about bookmatched stones

Stone Care

Yes, we recommend sealing your stone to maintain its beauty. Speak with your fabricator for recommendations and post install care.

Aside from the recommendation of sealing your stone, when it comes to cleaning using soap and water or an ammonia- free cleaner is a great option.