The Potential of Your Stone Remnants


February 17, 2023


When using stone slabs in a project, the dimensions, and the amount of stone needed to complete your project is a conversation that occurs early on with your professional. In view of the fact that the stones are sold by slabs that are usually big, you’ll find that in some circumstances you’ll have stone that goes unused. So what can you do with the remnants?

Stone slabs can be used in a plethora of ways outside of the traditional application. Here are some tips to maximize the use of your stone.

Household Accessories/Decor

With small portions of your slab remaining, household accessories and decor elements are a great option. Coasters, floating shelves, multipurpose trays, cheese boards or even trivets are a few ways to create functional pieces from smaller stone segments.

Stone slab remnants can be used to enhance a space that already has a stone installed. Floating shelves made out of Giotto Quartzite overlap its matching backsplash in this kitchen project, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of veining, color, and texture.


Having generous amounts of stone slabs means bigger projects and fewer limitations for your creativity to wander. Furniture pieces like console tables, coffee tables or side tables are malleable in their purpose and appearance, conforming to the needs of a space.

These new creations can be not only made uniquely out of stone, but also combined with other types of materials bringing together contrasting elements that can provide a unique twist to the stones already exquisite appeal.

A tip: Exploring your local vintage or antique store can help you gather elements like thrifted table legs or bases that can contribute to a one of a kind stone furniture piece. This console table, by designer Amanda Reynal, was created using Crystal Rose Quartzite and a thrifted wicker base.

Whether it is constructing a piece fully out of stone, or combining different materials such as wood or metal, the possibilities are endless.

If you like to be creative and have an idea of how to make the best use of your stone, make sure to discuss it with your professional as soon as possible so he can contribute to your vision and explore the best ways to execute the project. Regardless of if you’re embarking on this journey with remnants from your project or feel inspired to start creating with a brand-new slab, you can construct a unique piece meant to last. If you find yourself limited in material for additional projects, reach out to us and ask about what we may have currently in stock. You can surely find a way to carry the beauty of your stone slabs to various spaces in your home, and create unique impressionable pieces.