The Enduring Beauty of Stone Floors


September 29, 2022
When curating a space of one’s own, it is crucial to be aware of all the stone design possibilities as they are seemingly endless. An application many are frequently unaware of is stone flooring. Whether natural or engineered, stone flooring is desirable for its advantageous properties that provide an everlasting beauty.

So, Why Stone Floors?

Beyond its charm, stone flooring is a beneficial investment because of its durability. The stone’s toughness extends its lifespan past standard tile or wood flooring, essentially raising property value. Stone floors are typically undemanding as they do not attract dust, are moisture resistant, and can withstand the weight of daily usage. These attributes make the stone favorable, but not limited to, busy spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway.
Keep in mind that when working with natural stones, a (non-slippery) sealant is strongly recommended to prevent scratching or staining the stone and its undeniable allure. Regardless of the type of stone used for your floor, however, spills should be cleaned up to prevent staining or slipping.

Stone has the additional upper hand of staying cool to the touch when out of direct sunlight. This natural ability of stone is very helpful for temperature control during the hot Florida summers, especially when installing outdoors in areas that have no shade.

Moreover, the large dimensions of stone slabs reduce the number of seams which makes the space more sophisticated and gives the illusion of a larger room. The use of stone allows the creation of a custom floor layout with less junctions, a cleaner look that makes the space appear to be less crowded and for this reason bigger.

Visually stunning, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, stone flooring is a practical and excellent choice for any room in your home. Not sure where to get started? Our new Room Visualizer application can take the guesswork out of finding the right combinations for you. Choose from the soft elegance of a Calacatta Marble , Carrara Marble, Taj Mahal Quartzite or even the bold movement of Arizona Shadow Quartzite and Promenade Granite; the potential is worldly.