The Mind of an Interior Designer: Amanda Reynal


April 3, 2022

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Iowa based designer Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors at the 2022 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Reynal coined the name ‘Breezy Breakfast Hideaway’ for her sun terrace space at the house. This space perfectly encompassed the Palm Beach style with her use of lively colors such as pink, yellow and green while still ensuring the presence of elegance and luxury in all its beauty. Our stone Crystal Rose Quartzite was used as the top of her console table and the soft pink hues certainly tie in with the color palette Reynal chose.

We got the chance to speak with her about her design and the reason behind it.

(Q) What is Kips Bay to you? What does it mean to be a designer for this showhouse?
A: Kips Bay is an incredible organization that donates money to Boys and Girls Clubs in different regions where the showhouses occur. I’ve been going to the Kips Bay show house in New York since I was a child so the opportunity to participate in the Palm Beach Kips Bay designer showhouse of 2022 is truly an honor.

(Q) Tell us about your room and the inspiration behind the design?
A: This room was inspired by Palm Beach of a bygone era. It was inspired by the days of glamorous living, slim errands and cocktail parties. I wanted to create a luxurious inviting outdoor room where the inhabitants could come and have a cocktail, a glass of wine, a morning coffee and read the papers privately away from the hustle and bustle of the household. My goal for the room was to make a space that felt like an indoor room but functioned like an outdoor room. When I was selecting furniture fabrics and colors, I incorporated the classic Palm Beach palette of pink and green with some sunny yellows.

(Q) When designing this room, what was the most important factor for you?
A: When designing a space like this it was really important to us to use natural materials and fibers incorporated with our fabrics and colors because part of South Florida living involves being outdoors and being in nature, and that became a really vital part of our scheme to juxtapose the natural materials like stone and wicker and jute and rattan against the fabrics and all of the soft pretty colors that we chose.

(Q) What did the Primestones product help you to accomplish in your overall design? What drew you to the stone you selected?
A: First, I found an antique wicker console table that came without a top and I really wanted a beautiful piece of stone to put on the top of it that would be durable but also work with our scheme. I chose Crystal Rose Quartzite, it’s one of my absolute favorite stones. It’s a pale icy pink and I love working with Quartzite because it’s so durable like granite, but it looks like marble. We had it placed on top of our console table to serve as a bar area and it’s perfect for pouring wine or placing drinks or food and not having to worry about it.

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