The Perks of Stone Slab Backsplashes


May 23, 2023


Backsplashes are natural eye-catchers in the kitchen, permitting a vast amount of creative freedom to homeowners that want to personalize their space with colors and textures, while also functioning as wall protection. The use of natural stone for kitchen backsplashes has surged and prevailed with designers for their characteristics and possibilities, making them preferable over materials previously used. Take a second to explore the advantages of using stone slabs for your kitchen backsplash!

Advantages of Stone Backsplashes

Working with natural materials like stone grants you distinction in your projects, as their erratic veining and colors makes each stone unique. 

Beauty aside, stone slabs take precedence as backsplashes for countless other reasons.

Due to the size of stone slabs, stone backsplashes are uncluttered in appearance, eliminating grout lines and jagged textures found when using tiles. This prevents dirt and grime from getting trapped, making it easier to clean and maintain, just use a mild soap with water.

A perk of using stone slabs for not only the countertops but also the backsplash is the seamless and synchronized movement created by utilizing the same material/pattern in both areas. In addition to the already incredible range of designs, bookmatched stones elevate the beauty of a backsplash to another level. Use one stone to create a continuous look, or explore the power of the contrasting effect of combining different stones for your countertop and backsplash.

Backlit Backsplashes

The impact of lighting weighs heavily in the home, enhancing spaces with just the flip of a switch. Stone translucency is a phenomenon found in select stones, like Cristallo Quartzite or patches of Oyster white select Marble, that makes a stone gleam in front of a backlit panel, drawing more attention to the crystalline structure and beauty of the stone. Bringing backlighting into your kitchen turns your backsplash into a functional art piece that you get to admire with every meal

Backsplashes are customizable to your style and prevail on creativity. Its use and appearance has evolved with the time and there’s still so many more possibilities and combinations to discover through design. Varying in appearance from grainy and spontaneous dolomites to vibrant and durable granites, the stone choices are abundant.