The Layers of Marble and Mediterranean Design


July 11, 2023
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Calacatta Arabescato Corchia Marble Kitchen


The combination of colors, textures, and patterns in interior design always tends to come together to encompass something greater than its individual pieces. That is the essence of what makes Mediterranean design so admirable; it highlights the beauty of simplicity, as a minimalist base is complemented with lush layers of varying elements. Incorporating a stone into a project of this style can mean selecting a stone to embody the minimal backdrop or one that acts as a layer; Marble is a mix of both of these elements and its adornment fits in exquisitely. Here are some ways to perfect Mediterranean design and promise its longevity.

What is Mediterranean design?

Originating in countries that coast the Mediterranean sea including Italy, Portugal, and Spain, Mediterranean interior design is warm and full of character from its surrounding regions. By beginning with a neutral and minimal backdrop, it becomes easy to introduce details like textured walls, natural wood, or intricate yet gentle textiles that carry rich earthy tones. This mosaic crafted through the concert of these components allows a space to be multidimensional without being overwhelming.

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Illuminated Oyster White Select Marble Bathroom Sink

How do I incorporate Marble?

When thinking of this style of design, Italy tends to be the first thing that comes to mind as it is the source of our classic and elegant Calacatta Marble. Our Calacatta Borghini Gold Extra has a white backdrop with subtle hints of gold and gray veining that slip its way onto the stone. Just like Mediterranean style, the stone’s layers of colors and veining build up to create natural work of art that is breathtaking. Despite its reputation of being a high maintenance stone, we would like to share three ways in which the beauty of Marble can remain intact throughout the years and be just as timeless as the Mediterranean design it is embedded into.

  1. Opting for a honed surface provides you with an incredibly soft and velvety feel under your fingers while preventing any signs of edging when acidic liquids such as vinegar or lemon juice are spilled, however, we highly recommend cleaning all spills up promptly.
  2. Adding a sealant to your stone helps resist stains and preserves the stone of the demands of daily wear and tear. Make sure to speak with a professional about which sealant is best and what aftercare will look like for you.
  3. Understanding the advantages of Marble such as its ability to absorb heat allows you to get full use out of your stone and countertop. Marble can withstand the temperatures of pots and pans that come directly from your oven or stove.
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Denali Marble Kitchen Island

When natural stone is properly taken care of, it will prove itself to be enduring, thus it is important to keep in mind the expectations in upkeep in order to properly maintain the allure of your stone. Don’t be afraid to start simple and build up the layers to create a work of art of your very own.