A place to gather: Stone Fireplace


November 17, 2022


Regardless of the climate that you live in, incorporating a fireplace has become a staple in many homes. The intimate and inviting appeal that a fireplace can bring allows for the perfect environment to gather and connect. Whether you want to makeover an already existing fireplace or design one from scratch, fireplaces have adapted to the times and the design choices are endless. Designers and stone lovers alike, have jumped on this opportunity to showcase the exuberant and awe-inspiring natural appeal of stone slabs in projects outside of the typical use of countertops. Initially built to aid our survival, technological advancement has altered the purpose of fireplaces from pure functionality to luxurious ornamental.


Dating back to as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, fireplaces were the hearts of the home by providing heat, withstanding every fire needed for cooking, and functioning as a forum for family gatherings. With efficiency in mind, the fireplace endured many structural changes. This inevitably opened the door to considering new ways to decorate it as its presence in the room had become more centered and prominent. Already eye-catching in nature, people desired doing what they could to make their fireplaces attractive. Embellishments like symmetrical mantels and floor to ceiling slabs allowed people to reclaim and personalize these spaces and better integrate them into their own homes.

With the rise of modern electric fireplaces, designers have opted-in to using stone slabs as the decorative factor, a common trend that gives the designer the ability to weave together the beauties of nature. The Crystal Tiffany Quartzite and Arizona Shadow Quartzite fireplace projects as seen in this blog parade the power of using stone as both a statement piece and binding agent to the spaces they are in. Regardless if you are traditional or contemporary in style, using stone for your fireplace project will guarantee a timeless and alluring place to spend your time around.