Kyanite, A Blue Gem


July 6, 2022

The combination of different components through time creates a diverse range of natural stones and as a result, we see a variety of colors, formation of crystals, and unique patterns. One element to highlight is the mineral Kyanite, also spelled Cyanite, which is found in stones such as our Turquoise Quartzite.

Formed during the metamorphosis of clay rich sedimentary rocks under medium to high pressures and low to moderate temperatures, Kyanite can be found in some quartzites and granites. Geologists say that Kyanite is often found in mountainous regions, such as Brazil and Switzerland to name a few, since it was formed during continent – continent collisions that had resulted in the formation of Pangea.

Although it is typically found with a rich blue color it can also be found in colors such as blue-green, white, green, gray, yellow, pink, orange and even black. Another property of kyanite that adds to its unique and rare beauty is its translucency and transparency. Moreover, the intense color of this mineral makes it desired and used by jewelers as a semiprecious gemstone.

Kyanite is also known to have a variable hardness, which contributes to the durability and versatility in the quartzites and granites it occurs in. In our beautiful Turquoise Quartzite, the presence of kyanite gives us the lonely blues that lend the stone its name.

It’s always fascinating taking a deep dive into the various elements that contribute to the overall look of natural stones. Natural stone is not only an appealing and elegant addition to a design space, but to know its history and evolution contributes to its indescribable beauty.